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What is an HTML Formatter

n HTML-formatted tool allows you to format single-line, unformatted data in a readable and visually pleasing form.

Using an HTML formatter does not detract from your code's functionality and ensures it executes as intended.

An HTML formatter formats data by inserting appropriate line breaks and white spaces in the code.

Features of HTML Formatter

1. Preserves Code Functionality: CodeItBro HTML Formatter preserves the overall functionality of the code.

2. Easy To Use: Using HTML Formatter is utterly effortless. Paste the HTML file content, and the tool will beautify it instantly.

3. Free And Secure: The HTML formatter does not require signups and is free. CodeItBro does not store any user information on the website.

Why use this online HTML formatter tool

1. Improved readability: HTML formatter can automatically ident HTML code, add spaces, and fix any other issues to improve the overall readability.

2. Easier collaboration: Properly formatted HTML will make it easier for your team members to quickly understand the code and collaborate effectively.

3. Error detection: HTML formatter tool can also help you detect syntax or missing closing tags error.

4. Consistency: Different web developers can follow different HTML formatting styles in a project. An HTML formatter tool like CodeItBro ensures your HTML code follows a consistent style guide.

How To Use HTML Formatter

Follow these steps to use CodeItBro Gamertag Generator:

  1. Visit the CodeItBro HTML formatter website
  2. Paste the unformatted HTML in the first field
  3. The tool simultaneously converts it into the formatted version
  4. Copy or save the HTML code, and use it as you please

Voila! Your gamertag is generated. Use this gamertag to leave an impression on your fellow teammates and competitors in the game.