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What Is URL Parser

URL Parser is a tool that breaks down a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) into its individual components such as the protocol, domain, path, query parameters, and fragment identifier. This parsing is essential for various web-related tasks, including web browsing, scraping, and building web apps.

Use cases of this free online URL Parser
  1. Web development:Developers can use our URL parser tool to understand and manipulate URLs withn web applications.
  2. SEO Analysis: SEO professionals can use this free online URL parsing utility to analyze URLs and identify issues like dupplicate content, incorrect use of parameters, lengthy URLs, etc.
  3. Data Extraction: You can use it to parse URLs from web pages.
  4. Security Analysis: As a security analyst, you can use this URL parsing tool to analyze URLs for potential security threats like phishing, malicious redirects, etc.
  5. Link tracking and analytics: Web analysts can use it to extract and audit UTM tags to ensure proper link analytics.
How this online URL parser works

CodeItBro's online URL parser is fast and efficient. It offers an intuitive interface allowing you to easily extract the following individual components of a URL:

  1. Slashes
  2. Protocol
  3. Hash
  4. Query
  5. Pathname
  6. Auth
  7. Host
  8. Port
  9. Hostname
  10. Password
  11. Username
  12. Origin
  13. Href
How to use this URL Parser

Follow these steps to extract individual components of URLs using this free tool:

  1. Simply enter the URL in the "URL" field above.
  2. Click the "Parse URL" button

The tool then displays the different components of your URL including slashes, protocol, hash, query, pathname, and many others mentioned above.