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CodeItBro XML formatter adds indents and line breaks to regular unstructured XML data to make it readable.

This makes it readable without having to use tools and software to read it. XML data processed through an XML formatter is also easy to share and use.

1. Fast XML Beautifying: Our tool can take up vast XML data and beautify it in seconds. All of this has been made possible after extensive testing and development.

2. Easy To Use: CodeItBro XML Formatter is extremely easy to use. All you need is a few clicks and simple steps, and your beautified XML is ready to copy or export as a file.

3. Preserve XML Functionality: The CodeItBro XML Formatter does not take away from the functionality of the XML file. The file can be read similarly by software and APIs and will not have any compatibility issues.

We’ve tested the CodeItBro XML formatter thousands of times. It produces the most well-formatted and beautified version of your XML file.

To use XML Formatter, follow these steps:

  • Visit the CodeItBro XML formatter website
  • Enter your XML data or upload a file
  • Click the Beautify XML button
  • Copy or download the beautified version of your XML data